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October 27, 2013
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Well... there it is! How long did you have to wait? Over a year?
A "Thank you!" goes to Grizzly for creating the music, DerpTime for creating the map backgrounds and petirep for creating the victory/defeat images!

Pony sprites by :icondesktop-pony-team:

As always: Feel free to use it on your personal website if you wish.

I think this game also has some 'secret cheat code' but I'm not sure... :iconlyrawhatplz:

Version 1.9 changes:  
* Bulk Biceps' canon name (I still prefer Snowflake...)

Version 1.8 changes:  
* Added "Elemental mode". Enemies are weaker against some types of attacks or stronger against others
* Endless mode + Sandbox mode can now be used at the same time
* Fixed some lag with Vinyl Scratch
* Character changes: Vinyl Scratch nerfed a bit, Octavia slightly nerfed, Lyra buffed a bit, Bon Bon super attack buffed by 2%
* Other small changes

For character stats click here:… (thanks to Valegator)

For previous changes click here:

Some off topic: One of my friends is working on a new game for the OUYA. It is also a tower defense game, but not pony. I'm putting a link to his trailer in case you want to check it out:…
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brendensteel Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Erm I think I saw a glitch. When I paused the game before the 1st wave came on map 1 and pressed the escape key to un-pause it, it "transported" me to the page of Canterlot Seige 3. 
LuckyKittyxxx963 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Made it to Stage 50
You're worse than discord.
Zaminahmed Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Professional Artist
futzi01 are flim and flam supposed to be invincible 
futzi01 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Did you try to attack them with musical attacks in elemental mode?
Zaminahmed Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Professional Artist
why do musicals do no dmg
futzi01 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
It's a feature of the elemental mode. Disable it if you don't like it.
Zaminahmed Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Professional Artist
oh ok but one question futzi01 on your canterlot siege 3 what is endurance mode i've been wanting to know because i did the cheat code and i continued and it didn't do anything can you please tell me what does it do that will be very appreciating ;) (Wink) 
futzi01 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
The box, which appears after you input the code, pretty much explains it.
Habib9513 Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  New member
lost in 49
SuperBlueYoshi Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Manged to beat the game both in Normal and Hard Mode a while ago. Here's my ranking of the easiest to hardest maps in this game: 

Map 1, Map 5, Map 2, Map 8, Map 6, Map 3, Map 7, Map 4 

Map 7 and 4 were tough to beat on Hard Mode, since I had a lot of trouble dealing with Super Lightning Dusts' super fast speed and Super Night Guards (thanks to ver 1.5 making Wave 49 harder). 
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