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June 25, 2012
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Sometimes the game clients won't connect. It usually means that the game has already started and both players already play.
If you connect to a partner's ID, you receive a new ID yourself (which you can ignore).
But sometimes the connection won't establish. I have no idea why this is happening. It may be a problem with your firewall or Adobe Cirrus (although I never have problems connecting with my friends). Try refreshing the page and generate a new ID or make your partner generate an ID and paste it.
The game produces around 8.2KB/s traffic. If your connection is not fast enough, it might not work.

I've heard about people disconnecting during gameplay. But it's could also be possible that the connection just drops. Don't take it seriously.
Sadly, I can't do anything about these connection problems :icondashiehurtplz:

I present you: My first online mulitplayer Flash game! This is a mulitplayer version of my game Dash. You need a partner to play this one. A "Thank you!" goes to my friends Nagua, who helped me with the net code (he actually did the most important job!) and testing and Fuzzy also for testing.

You will need to send your generated connection ID to someone you want to play with. And the ID is only temporary. You receive a new ID when playing the next time.
If you receive an ID from a partner, just paste it in the text field and click "Connect"

Since it's my first online multiplayer game, it sadly has some problems:
* Sometimes a connection won't establish. In that case just reload the page and generate a new connection ID.
* This game might lag. Depending on where you live and with who you play, you might experience weird character movements.
* The game must be in focus during gameplay. Switching tabs or minimizing the window will slow down your side.
* You will need a somewhat fast computer. As far as I know, Flash does not allow to change the framerate during gameplay. A fast machine allows both games to run more or less synchronously.
* Sometimes you might see the other player fly through clouds without slowing down. This is a lag problem, the player doesn't really hit the cloud.

Version 1.3 changes:
* Finally added W,A,S,D controls (I'm lazy)
* Added Sonic Rainboom sound (also for Sonic Blaze)

Version 1.2 changes:
* Added new game mechanic: You get more speed if you stay more to the right side of the screen.
* Fixed beginning lag where one of the players flies away to the left/right side at the start of the game.
* Blaze/Rainboom meters become more transparent if you fly into them.

Version 1.1 changes:
* Added a sound when a player is connected

Feel free to use this game on your personal website if you want to.

No cheat code in this one.
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