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July 21, 2012
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You will need to enable Peer Assisted Networking to be able to connect to other players. And you need to have the flash window focused all the time for proper communication and synchronization. Do not switch into a different tab or minimize the window during gameplay!
If you have problems enabling Peer Assisted Networking: Rightclick on the flash -> Global settings... -> 3rd tab (should be called "Playback" or something like that) -> Settings for Peer Assisted Networking -> find (might also have a different number. If you find multiple entries, then you will either enable them all or find the one that is relevant) -> set to enable
If you have connection issues: Try opening ports for Peer-to-Peer UDP communication. Ports to connect to the net group (serverlist) are somewhat around 10000, try 10000-10010. I'm not sure about the ports for client communication though since they seem to change every game. They are somewhere around 50000-65535. Also try to disable script blocking plugins.

This game is not affiliated with Pony Tactics: Salvation

Plans for version 2.2:
* Twilight's range nerf by 1
* Half AP at the very first round
* Win/loss stats for the current session (can store them locally on the PC but can't store them online)

Version 2.1 changes:
* Nurse Redheart's name fixed (lol, Redhead)
* Nurse Redheart's strong attack AP boost reduced by 5
* Nurse Redheart's HP reduced by 5

Version 2.0 changes:
* New character: Nurse Redheart
* 2 new maps
* Twilight's strong attack damage increased by 5
* Twilight's weak attack replaced with Teleport
* You can now set the amount of Bits when creating a server

Version 1.92 changes:
* Fluttershy's AP increased by 15
* Fluttershy's strong attack AP usage increased by 5

Version 1.91 changes:
* Applejack's HP reduced by 10

Version 1.9 changes:
* Snowflake's weak attack AP usage increased by 5
* Snowflake's strong attack damage reduced by 5
* Twilight's strong attack damage reduced by 5

Version 1.8 changes:
* New character: Snowflake
* Server shows the nickname of the host
* Max nickname length reduced to 16 characters
* Added some texts
* Balancing:
** Pinkie's party cannon range increased by 1
** Rainbow's hurricane attack diagonal range decreased by 1
** Fluttershy's HP increased by 5
** Applejack's AP decreased by 10
** Twilight's strong attack damage reduced by 10 and AP usage reduced by 10

Version 1.7 changes:
* Hopefully fixed the synchronization bug. It's not a perfect solution but it's the best I can do.
* Added a 'remaining health' bar. Hover over ponies to view.
* Added more information at the bottom UI.

Version 1.6 changes:
* Added new map: Appleloosa Desert

Version 1.5 changes:
* In-game chat added (public chat removed completely). Press 'Enter' to chat.
* Add a description about the counterattack mechanic
* Reduced Pinkie's AP by 5
* Fixed bug: Connecting to a public server often fails
* Fixed a bug where a pony could disappear
* Fixed a bug where you could move ponies while the other player was still buying
* Fixed some other small bugs (which you probably won't even notice)

Version 1.4 changes:
* Disabled chat. Probably will be enabled in version 1.5 with better anti-spam measures.

Version 1.3 changes:
* Added small chat anti-spam measure

Version 1.2 changes:
* Fixed problem when players were not able to connect to a server sometimes
* Fixed bug: Not being able to allow Peer Assisted Networking in the dialog box
* Other small fixes

Version 1.1 changes:
* Fixed random disconnects

Damage overview:…

I present you: An online multiplayer round-based strategy pony game! Now finally featuring a serverlist. Again, l4ck3r (Nagua) helped me with the net code.

Pony sprites by :icondesktop-pony-team:

Feel free to use this game on your personal website, if you want to.

Please report bugs in the comments.
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